What’s the difference in a “My Little Tutu” and others you see elsewhere?

My Little Tutus

1) These tutus are handmade right here in America by a home owned small business in Corinth, TX; department store tutus are cheaply made overseas in sweat shops

2) There are 65 yards of tulle in each My Little Tutu; department store tutus might have 1 yard of tulle on them

3) All these tutus come with a matching korker bow; department store tutus come with a hanger (maybe)

4) The basic My Little Tutu will fit little girls from Newborn to about a size 5T. That’s right, the same tutu will grow with her for up to 5 or 6 years; The department store tutu will fit your little princess for a few months and then it will go in a garage sale where you will sell it for a quarter

5) My Little Tutu will work with you to create a CUSTOM ORDER in exactly the size and length and color combination that you desire; you know there is no retailer that can provide that level of service for you.

You don’t have to accept a lesser quality product made overseas for your little princess. You can come look at a real quality product she will love and wear for years to come.

Come see my product firsthand at an upcoming show (see the “Upcoming Events” page). Or you can shop right here and order one of these beautiful tutus for your little princess today. Most orders are filled the very next day and will be shipped via the USPS.

For your CUSTOM ORDER, call or email me so we can discuss exactly what you need. 940-765-1794

I also make them for your four-legged princess. Just be prepared to give me her waist measurement (where the tutu will be going around her) and I can get a special tutu made for her, too. Yes, we have made them for dogs, cats, pigs, goats, donkeys and even a duck. So whatever pet you have, if you want to get her in a tutu, give me a call.

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